Dog on Dog Aggression

Submitted By Bandit

This behavioural problem is associated with dog on dog aggression. This p roblem can be a breed specific or what is known as a genetically linked trai t such as the case with Akitas, Pitbulls or othe...More

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Irish Red and White Setter

One of two Setter breeds native to Ireland, the Irish Red and White Setter has a slightly obscure history.  Thought to descend originally from the Spaniel family, the Irish Red and White Setter...

3 years 21 weeks ago
Norfolk Spaniel

The Norfolk Spaniel was a breed of gun dog developed in England to hunt birds.  There is a huge amount of debate as to the breed’s origins and whether or not it was actually a distinct...

3 years 22 weeks ago
Sealyham Terrier

A versatile and fearless hunter in the rugged landscape of Wales, the Sealyham Terrier was developed by Captain John Owen Tucker-Edwardes (1809-1891) of Haverfordwest, Wales, between 1848 and...

3 years 22 weeks ago
English Mastiff


The Mastiff is one of the world’s largest dog breeds, both in terms of height and weight.  This breed has been bred in England for many centuries where it has long served as a property...

3 years 23 weeks ago